LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Domestic violence is an ongoing problem across the valley.

Just in the past two weeks, there have been at least three deadly incidents including a mother who police say was beaten to death by her husband.

“There’s nothing more frustrating for an officer than responding to a house over and over again and seeing that cycle of domestic violence escalate,” said Liz Ortenburger, CEO of SafeNest.

Now a partnership between the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and SafeNest is growing, helping prevent domestic disturbances from turning tragic.

It’s called Project Safe 417, the dispatch code for a domestic incident.

The collaboration allows volunteers to respond to domestic violence calls, supporting victims and developing safety planning.

It started up in LVMPD’s Northwest Area Command, which saw a decrease in domestic-related murders.

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“They went from six the prior year, and then the first year we were active, they had only one,” Ortenburger said.

It’s now in the Bolden and Spring Valley Area Commands and is on its way to the Northeast, but help is needed.

“So, we are looking for folks who are comfortable in that space who can make a difference to our victims of domestic violence,” she said.

The hope is to expand the program to other parts of the valley and decrease the number of domestic-related murders.

Right now, there is also a need for volunteers who are bilingual.

On Thursday, May 22, 2019, SafeNest is having a volunteer orientation. To learn more, click here.

If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, call or text 702-646-4981.