Project Safe 417 Sees Growth LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Domestic violence is an ongoing problem across the valley. Just in the past two weeks, there have been at least three deadly incidents including a mother who police say was beaten to death by her husband. “There's nothing more frustrating for an officer than responding to a house over and

Camp Hope: Newest program helping children impacted by domestic violence

Statistics show without intervention, 75% of children living in a domestic violence household will repeat the cycle of domestic violence as a batterer or victim. That’s according to SafeNest. Domestic violence is an epidemic that impacts many children. Without intervention, the cycle can keep going. “Get addicted to opioids, be suicidal, be incarcerated and

SafeNest Services Now Provided Through Text and More a time where the internet, technology and cell phones are so prevalent, SafeNest is now expanding its 24/7 crisis hotline.“This is a whole new medium for everybody to be able to reach out,” said SafeNet CEO Liz Ortenburger.The hotline now includes chat and text options.“So, this gives a safe place for teens really

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