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If You’ve Left Your Abuser:

  • Keep a copy with you all the time. Give a copy to the people who take care of your children, their schools and your boss. Giving them a picture of the abuser may help them recognize the person if they attempt contact.

Telling friends and neighbors that your abuser no longer lives with you. Ask them to call the police if they see your abuser near your home or children. Also ask them to tell you if they see him.

Telling people who take care of your children the names of people who are allowed to pick them up. If you have a temporary protection order protecting your children, give their teachers, school administrators and babysitters a copy of it.

Not using the same stores or businesses that you did when you were with your abuser.

If you must speak with your abuser for visitation purposes, do the exchange in a public place; even at a police sub-station.