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If You Consider Leaving Your Abuser:

Such as Safe Nest, and/or friends or family that may be able to help you. Keep a written/typed list of numbers in a safe place in the event you are unable to take your cell phone.

Think about three to four places you could go if you leave your home.

People who might help you if you left.

If you are researching how to leave on your computer or you are e-mailing people alerting them to the fact you are in an abusive relationship and are considering leaving, learn how to delete your browser history or and e-mails.

Keeping change for phone calls or getting a cell phone.

Opening a bank account in your name only or getting a credit card in your name.

How you might leave. Try doing things that get you out of the house – taking out the trash, walking the family pet, or going to the store. Practice how you would leave.

How you could take your children with you safely. There are times when taking your children with you may put all of your lives in danger. You need to protect yourself to be able to protect your children.

If you have pets that you are unwilling to leave, think about how you could safely get out of the house with them; go to the dog park, walk, vet appointment. And/or make plans for your pets.

Putting together a bag of things you use every day. Hide it where it is easy for you to get.

Take photos of important documents if you don’t feel you have the opportunity to make copies or take them with you. Any documents you leave behind Safe Nest will help you with copies.