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In partnership with the Allstate Foundation, SafeNest is commemorating National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) with the launch of the Purple Purse Campaign. This unique national program is designed to promote financial empowerment to victims of domestic violence. Research shows that financial abuse occurs in 99% domestic violence cases and is often cited as the main reason a victim stays with or returns to an abusive partner. Join us in our effort to educate victims of domestic violence about the importance of financial independence and DONATE NOW. Your support moves victims from crisis to confidence.

What is Financial Abuse?

  • Forbidding a victim to work
  • Withholding money
  • Not allowing access to bank accounts
  • Hiding assets
  • Refusing to pay bills
  • Education — We empower domestic violence survivors by giving them the tools to become financially self-sufficient, succeed in the workforce and build healthy relationships.
  • Funding — We fuel the work of domestic violence coalitions and nonprofits to fund financial literacy and job training programs.
  • Research — We conduct extensive research to better understand domestic violence so we can provide appropriate support to those affected.