In a time where the internet, technology and cell phones are so prevalent, SafeNest is now expanding its 24/7 crisis hotline.

“This is a whole new medium for everybody to be able to reach out,” said SafeNet CEO Liz Ortenburger.

The hotline now includes chat and text options.

“So, this gives a safe place for teens really anybody to reach out and say I’m being treated this way or I feel this way, is this right,” Ortenburger said.

With domestic violence cases continuing to affect families, children and teens, now help and support is just a text or chat away.

“So, this is a demo. We are in our chat system,” Brandi Farra explained during a demonstration.

With their new system, people in crisis can comfortably and confidentially talk to an advocate.

“Just to make sure if they are safe or not safe and make sure if they are in a crisis, they are getting the help that they need first and foremost,” Farra said.

Just last year, the hotline received more than 17,000 calls from people in need of support.

Ortenburger hopes this latest expansion will help more.

“If you are feeling that you can’t speak up, you can’t speak out now we have an option for you to be able to text or chat with us and you can get the help and support you need,” Ortenburger said.

If you or someone you know needs help call or text 702-646-4981. You can also chat with a trained crisis advocate by visiting