24-Hour Hotline: 702-646-4981

Outside Las Vegas: 800-486-7282

TDD: 702-647-8584


Safe Nest operates a 24-hour Hotline with trained professionals and volunteer advocates who offer callers short term immediate help ranging from safety planning to protection orders and obtaining safe, confidential shelter.  We can help you explore options, provide referrals or simply just lend an ear. You may call “just to talk” about your situation or to get more information.  You do not need to be ready to take action when you call the hotline.

Emergency Temporary Protective Order


Emergency Temporary Protective Orders (ETPOs) are available through our 24-Hour Hotline (702-646-4981). These special protection orders are available if the abusive party is currently in police custody for domestic violence. Law enforcement usually provides the victim with information about ETPO’s at the scene of the arrest. ETPOs are processed over the phone by a Safe Nest advocate, and then transmitted to a judge for approval. The abusive party is then served with the order prior to being released from the mandatory 12-hour domestic-battery hold. The ETPO is a non-contact order that is valid for seven days until a Temporary Protective Order hearing is held at family court.