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Meet the team that works tirelessly to end domestic violence and save lives.

Our board of directors and executive team are made up of individuals representing diverse backgrounds and professions. If youโ€™re interested in joining the SafeNest Board of Directors, please fill out this form.

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Board of Directors

  • Dana Powell

    Dana Powell

    Board Chairman

    Solomon Dwiggins & Freer Ltd.

  • T. Ryan Sullivan

    T. Ryan Sullivan

    Board Vice Chair

    Bank of George

  • Leah Rinta

    Leah Rinta

    Board Treasurer


  • Steven Albright

    Steven Albright

    Board Member

  • Jamie Carter

    Jamie Carter

    Board Member

    Psychologist (Retired)

  • Greg Clemens

    Greg Clemens

    Board Member

    Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

  • Jenn Falcone

    Jenn Falcone

    Board Member


  • Heather Kemper

    Heather Kemper

    Board Member

    Genesis Solutions

  • Bob Martin

    Bob Martin

    Board Member

    Morgan Stanley

  • Liz Ortenburger

    Liz Ortenburger

    Board Member


  • Kathia Quiros

    Kathia Quiros

    Board Member

    GWP Immigration Law

  • Breana Ramirez

    Breana Ramirez

    Board Member

    Bank of Nevada

  •  Assemblywoman Selena Torres

    Assemblywoman Selena Torres

    Board Member

    Nevada State Representative

Executive Team

  • Liz Ortenburger

    Liz Ortenburger

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Michelle Kepper

    Michelle Kepper

    Executive Assistant to CEO

  • Christy Shannon

    Christy Shannon

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jan Bouriche

    Jan Bouriche

    VP of Client Services

  • Laurie Cody

    Laurie Cody

    VP of Marketing & Donor Relations

  • Krista Froemming

    Krista Froemming

    VP of People, Culture & Volunteerism

  • Angela Reyes

    Angela Reyes

    VP of Education and Prevention Services

  • Tara Bakhtavar

    Tara Bakhtavar

    Director of Criminal Court Advocacy

  • Tammy Cutler

    Tammy Cutler

    Director of Court Advocacy Services

  • Jennifer Espinal

    Jennifer Espinal

    Director of Crisis Advocacy

  • Caitlin Mroz, LCPC

    Caitlin Mroz, LCPC

    Clinical Director

  • Eric Rust

    Eric Rust

    Director of Human Resources

  • Ronelle Shoda

    Ronelle Shoda

    Resident Program Director