Adult Training

Creating workplaces free from hidden violence (domestic and sexual violence, harassment, and violence, and stalking)

  • Workplace

    SafeNest offers a customized corporate training program that is designed to combat workplace hidden violence, support survivors, and raise awareness.

  • Nonprofit Training

    Working within the non-profit space SafeNest is able to provide the core components of Domestic Violence and how SafeNest provides assistance to survivors.

  • Domestic Violence 101

    SafeNest provides this introduction to Domestic Violence by outlining the dynamics and complexity of intimate partner violence. We address warning signs of unhealthy relationship. We provide ways to support a friend or family member who is in an abusive relationship, while providing resources for victims of domestic violence and their families in a trauma informed manner.

  • Sexual Assault 101

    Safenest provides this introduction to Sexual Assault by outlining types of Sexual Assault, the impact of Sexual Assault, how to support victims, techniques to support victimsโ€™ recovery, compassion fatigue as well as self-care.