SafeNest is a State-certified domestic violence agency that can provide in-person and telehealth counseling services to both survivors and perpetrators.

To learn more about our counseling services, call our Administrative Office.


Counseling Services

We offer any combination of the following services for English and Spanish speakers:

  • 26 and 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program for both men and women

  • Trauma Survivors Group for both men and women

  • Support Groups

  • Anger Management Group

  • Individual Therapy (for clients aged 10+)

  • Couples Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment

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Women's Support Group - Joining Hands

Drop-In Support Groups

SafeNest’s weekly drop-in support groups provide an opportunity for people to share personal experiences and feelings, coping strategies, or firsthand information about experiencing trauma. There is no obligation to pre-register or attend on a weekly basis, and survivors can attend anonymously.

3900 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Women’s Support Group (English)
Every Thursday at 4:00 P.M.

Women’s Support Group (Spanish)
Every Friday at 5:00 P.M.

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To schedule an intake, potential clients are welcome to call 702-877-0133 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about treatment options. For court and/or agency referrals, please send the client’s information or your referral form to

Our Counseling Center is located at:

3900 Meadows Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89107

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