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Community Programs

We all play a part in ending the epidemic of domestic violence.

Community Classes

SafeNest hosts a series of FREE virtual and in-person community classes designed to inform, support, and empower a variety of audiences. From survivor support to bystander intervention to recognizing domestic violence, these programs seek to increase community understanding and raise awareness about the complexities of domestic violence.

Current classes include:
  • Survivor 101 (advocates, community members, friends, and family)
  • Understanding Domestic Violence (advocates, community members, friends and family affected by DV)
  • APEX Men’s Program (AMP) – (male support group)
  • How to Address the Abuse (family, friends, colleagues, survivors)
  • Survivor Drop-In Group – (survivors coming together for support, sharing, and healing)
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Request SafeNest Materials

SafeNest has a variety of informational materials about domestic violence, our services and calls-to-action, including:

• SafeNest services tri-fold brochure
• Discreet, palm card/mini brochure
• Mirror clings
• Workplace posters with tear off pads
• Information cards

Materials free of charge. Donations appreciated for quantities of over 25.

Please fill out the form below to request materials for public display at businesses, doctors’ offices, and wherever community members would like to share information.

Community Event Outreach

SafeNest staff may be available to represent the agency with materials and information for the community at booths during events such as school or job fairs, health fairs, community festivals, conferences, and anywhere attendees are invited to learn about SAFE services.

Please submit a community outreach request by filling out the form below, and a member of our team will reach out to you.