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Creating workplaces free from hidden violence (domestic and sexual violence, harassment, and violence, and stalking)

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SafeNest offers a customized corporate training program

The training program is designed to combat workplace hidden violence, support survivors and raise awareness.

Key outcomes include:
  • Understanding the economic impact of domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking, and other forms of harassment in the workplace.
  • Identifying, recognizing, responding, and reporting warning signs.
  • Developing effective workplace violence compliance processes and policies.
The program consists of four 2-hour interactive workshops, followed by 12-month collaborative partnership with SafeNest for assistance with incident reporting, resources, and support. Pricing based on size of business.
  • Less than 25 employees: we recommend attending our hidden violence HR community class
  • 25-100 employees: $2,000
  • 101-500 employees: $3,000
  • 500+ call for pricing

Modules We Offer

When Hidden Violence Comes to Work (Organization Leadership C-Suite, and HR Leaders)
  • Customized Domestic Violence Impact Report
  • The Economic Cost of Workplace Violence
  • Creating a Violence Free Workplace
Supervisors Creating Safety (Supervisors and HR)
  • Dynamics of a Violence Free Workplace
  • Influencing Corporate Culture
  • Working with Survivors
  • Working with Potential Perpetrators
Human Resources Toolkit (Human Resource Professionals)
  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma & Potential Paths to Recovery
  • Recognizing the Signs & Symptoms of Trauma
  • Building Trauma Informed Policies, Procedures & Practices
Hidden Violence 101 (All Employees)
  • Defining Hidden Violence
  • Red Flags
  • Resource & Bystander Intervention
Ongoing Collaboration: Support and Resources
  • On-call for policy input
  • On-call to support survivors and or incidents which may occur
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